Retain, Gain, and Grow: The CPA Client Management Playbook

How CPAs Can Gain New Customers

We’ve designed this manual for CPA firms searching for tips on how to manage clients: from attracting new customers, ensuring they renew their contracts, and eventually expanding client bases to increase profitability. 

First things first, CPAs need clients. Here are some of our tips on how to gain them:

Know Your Market

Forming a clear idea of what kind of CPA firm you are will help you work out what clients could be a good fit for and carve out a market niche that your business intends to target.

Spread the Word

Make sure you’re at the top of your digital marketing game, presenting the best version of your CPA firm online and on social media. But don’t forget the value of client referrals through word of mouth.

Invest in Hiring

A good marketing strategy won’t work without a team to execute it. Carving out the exact staff roles you need for your business to grow and finding the right people to fill them is paramount.

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How CPA Firms Can Grow

CPA firms can expand their client bases by offering solutions that go above and beyond typical CPA services and set them apart from other competitors. These include time and attendance tracking, and payroll integration.

How to Retain Clients as a CPA Firm

First impressions count. And one of the easiest ways to ensure a client stays with your CPA business is to create a lasting impression that will stay with them for the duration of their contract. This whitepaper will tell you more about them: 

Set Boundaries

Use a client letter of engagement to define the scope of your services. This helps to manage client expectations and helps you carve out key responsibilities.

Know Your Clients

Ask as many questions as possible to find out about your clients’ business. You’ll need to know what their goals are, what they expect from you, and about their plans for the future.

Present Yourself

Create a welcome package that outlines background information about your business, its mission, a list of your services and, if possible, testimonials from previous clients. 

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