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Founded in 2013, Timerack’s mission is to provide innovative time and attendance solutions, payroll integration, and HR services to help your clients or your business manage its time — the most valuable resource of all. We help make payroll processing a “non-event” and instead enable our nationwide client base to invest more time growing their businesses, serving customers, and achieving work-life harmony. 

Manual timekeeping systems, dated buddy punching protocol, paper time cards, and filing invoices are all lengthy processes that involve the potential for human error. We aim to alleviate stress for our clients using innovative technology —  easy-to-use software, hardware, and mobile apps — supported by a dedicated team of experts. Thanks to our cloud-based SaaS solutions, companies can track employee working hours in real-time, maximize their return on employee investment, and save money. 

We specialize in working with small businesses, staffing agencies, and CPA and accounting firms, but also serve industries from healthcare to restaurants and hospitality, retail, manufacturing, warehouses, and beyond. If you choose to partner with us, we’ll set up a personalized demo to work through your time and attendance headaches, integrate our solutions with your payroll system, and provide training for your team. 

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About Timerack

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