How Time & Attendance Solutions Protect Employers from Overtime Lawsuits

Learn How to Protect Your Business from Overtime Lawsuits

The best protection against overtime lawsuits requires an accurate, on-demand, multi-faceted time and attendance (T&A) software that complies with all relevant laws and facilitates proactive enforcement. Download our latest whitepaper to learn how our innovative solutions can help protect your business against litigation. We’ll cover:

At-Risk Employers

Learn which industries are statistically most at risk from employee overtime lawsuits.

Overtime Record Keeping

Learn how you can improve your overtime record keeping to decrease lawsuits risks.

Policy Compliance

Learn how to stay up-to-date with policy compliance of changing overtime laws.

Improve Employee Overtime Tracking

For every employer, the next $1 million lawsuit is just around the corner because a disgruntled employee claims they were not paid overtime properly. Learn how our modern time & attendance solutions can help minimize this risk.

Discover the Advantages of Modern T&A Solutions

Effective overtime tracking starts with being able to accurately capture all employee time and attendance for those both inside and outside of the workplace. This white paper explains how modern T&A solutions help with the following:

Remote Access

Employees can access the system from anywhere, ideal for home and field workers. 

Eliminate Buddy Punching

Biometric time clocks make buddy punching impossible, ensuring complete accuracy.

Timesheet Automations

Automate time consuming manual payroll processes such as timesheet collation.

For Managers, Consultants and Advisors

This whitepaper has been written to help HR managers, HR consultants and legal advisors protect themselves or their clients against overtime lawsuits.

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