Staffing Agency Client Prospecting Outreach Templates

How to Prospect Quality Clients for Your Agency

Client prospecting outreach is one of the most important parts of any staffing agency’s marketing strategy. But that doesn’t mean it has to be a constant struggle.

While there’s no set formula for finding quality staffing agency clients, there are plenty of best practices to follow which give you every possible advantage. And in this ebook we share some tried and tested email outreach templates that you can use when drafting your own client prospecting emails. 

Here’s what’s included in the ebook:

Prospecting Best Practices

Get up to speed on industry best practices when prospecting new clients and see how your approach compares.

How to Write Effective Emails

Read up on the golden rules to writing effective client prospecting outreach emails and common mistakes to avoid.

Outreach Email Templates

Get access to real world client outreach template emails, to help you save time when drafting your own emails.


Generate More Responses From Your Email Outreach Campaigns

Getting cut through on your client prospecting email outreach campaigns can be a difficult task for any staffing agency. Learn how others have done it by downloading our ebook.

Starting a Conversation

Use this template to build rapport and start a conversation with prospective clients.

Helping to Solve a Problem

Use this template to demonstrate value and show how you can solve a problem for a prospective client.

Networking Follow Up

Use this template as an easy way to quickly follow up to prospective clients after networking with them.

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