Staffing Agency Employee Onboarding Checklist

Streamline Your Staffing Agency Employee Onboarding

Employee onboarding for staffing agencies enables seamless transitions for new hires into their new roles and workplaces cultures. 

Get all you need to know in one place by downloading our Staffing Agency Employee Onboarding Checklist. This ebook provides a checklist on all the fundamentals that should be included in every onboarding, including:

Basic Job Details

Who is the new hire reporting to? Is there a dress code? Where do they park their car?

Staffing Agency Internal Actions

Are billing procedures in place? Do you have all of the new employee’s necessary personal information?

New Employee Follow-ups

Have you arranged follow ups with the new employee and the client company? And how often should these be?

office meeting between coworkers

New Hires, Clients and Staffing Agency Onboarding

Our checklist is your streamlined guide to stay on top of how employee onboarding not only affects you, but your new hires and your client companies as well. 

Staffing agency employee onboarding is a three-headed process between the new hire, the client company and the staffing agency. However, the staffing agency’s onboarding process design is how all of the pieces of the puzzle come together.

Includes Breakdown of Start Date Readiness Actions

Download our checklist to discover what the essential points are to complete before the first day for the new hire at the client company. These include:

Office Details

Does your new hire know the office location, opening hours and car parking details?

Client & New Hire Integration

Company culture details have been provided and goals and objectives have been outlined.

Streamline the First Day

Make sure accounts for company systems/software have been set up.

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