The Power of Proactive Technology

Learn How Proactive Technology Can Save You Time and Money

Regardless of your industry, labor costs represent the single biggest expense for most businesses. Download our latest whitepaper to learn how proactive technologies can reduce your employees’ overtime by 20% or more. We’ll cover:

Common Labor Issues

Learn why labor costs can remain stubbornly high for many small to mid-sized organizations.

The Benefits of Proactive Tech

Discover the advantages of proactive technology and how it applies to time & attendance.

Time Management

Learn how to avoid wasting time and resources with up-to-the-hour labor data.

How Proactive Technology Can Save Your Business Time and Money

In today’s fast-paced, ever-changing business world, proactive technologies give advanced warning of exceptional events before incurring cost or damage to your business. They facilitate:

  • Timely Decision-Making
  • Effective Management
  • A Competitive Advantage

Read Our Proactive Technology Case Study

Discover how one small grocery business saved thousands of dollars after automating their time and attendance (T&A) tracking using Timerack’s proactive technology. Here’s what they were able to do:

Setup Automated Alerts

Managers were given real time overtime alerts per employee, enabling them to adjust schedules.  

Reduce Overtime

Employee overtime was effectively reduced by more than 40% within 8 weeks of implementation.

Save Money

The overtime reduction equated to a cost saving of $1,600 per week or $83,200 per year.

For Managers and Consultants

This whitepaper has been written to help HR managers, HR consultants and finance managers to save time and money by managing labor costs more effectively.

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