What to Do When an Employee Is Missing a Punch?

By Adam Day

March 31, 2021

Time & Attendance How-To Guide: Fixing Missed Employee Punches

Missing the occasional time punch is not necessarily a dire issue… but it can be.

Missed punches lead to payroll errors, meaning your employees don’t get paid correctly. What can you or your time and attendance system do about it? A lot, if you have the right system.

Timerack’s web-based time and attendance system helps employees avoid missed punches with proactive alerts notifying them that a punch is missing so that management can manually correct it without delay.

Time Punch Workflow

Timerack’s standard time punch workflow is accomplished in three key steps:

Step 1: Start the Day

  • Employee punches in to start their day with Timerack via our cloud-based system, mobile app, or a physical time clock hardware.
  • If you need to track additional information like locations, departments, or job codes, TR365 allows an employee to select one of these options at the time of punch-in.

Step 2: Clocking Out

  • An employee clocks out, creating a time pair with their first punch.
  • A supervisor doesn’t need to edit a time card unless something is missing.
  • If either a punch-in or punch-out is missing, a supervisor will be notified via an alert or on our at-a-glance dashboard and can remedy missing punches.

Step 3: Review and Payroll

  • Employees and supervisors review and approve time cards once corrections have been made.
  • Time cards are ready to submit to payroll.

What if Employees Are Missing an Entire Day of Punches Due to a Holiday?

Timerack’s customizable holiday policy and time-off requests automatically populate employee time cards for both salaried and hourly employees without the need for separate tracking.



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