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Questions to Ask Before Choosing a Time & Attendance System

By Timerack

April 4, 2021

No matter what business you’re in, you’re in the time business. You’re selling it, you’re buying it and you measure your priorities against it. There’s never enough of it. Success, in many cases, comes down to how well you manage it.

Your choice of a system for managing your time and attendance tracking is no small thing. So take your time, ahem, and do your homework. Below are some questions to help you sort through the options.

How Many Employees Do You Have Today & Expect to Have in Five Years?

Your choice of a time and attendance system should be one that can easily grow with your company without an additional investment.

Where Do Your Employees Perform Their Work?

If you have employees who work in the field or away from the office on a regular basis, a mobile app will allow them to punch in from wherever their work takes them. Geofencing ensures they are where they are supposed to be.

What Reporting & Compliance Needs Do You Have?

If you are interested in taking on government contract work, or you have home healthcare employees whose time has to be reported adhering to PBJ requirements, you should look for a time and attendance system that has the compliance and reporting capability you need – built-in.

What Time & Attendance System Works Best with Your Payroll System?

A time and attendance system that doesn’t integrate with your payroll system is going to create as much work as it saves. Time Rack has been a preferred partner of Thomas Reuters Accounting CS Payroll software since 2013, with over 200 partners and custom integration that allows for automatic upload of T&A data directly into Accounting CS. We also have the ability to create payroll bridges for any payroll system.

Do You Have a Need for Any Add-On Functions?

HR support services and software that reside within your time and attendance software can streamline a wide variety of responsibilities. That’s a feature that pays you back in deposits of time.

What Are the Demands of Your Physical Environment?

Time and attendance hardware comes with a variety of options for punching in, from facial recognition, to fingerprints, to hand recognition, to passwords. Different environments make some options less practical than others.

What Level of Support Do You Want from a Time & Attendance Provider?

Your choice of a time and attendance system isn’t just about equipment or technology. It’s about the people who stand behind it. Choose a system that comes with free implementation and a live customer support team.

What Is the Best Way to Determine the Credibility of a Time & Attendance Software Provider?

Choose a vendor that ensures your data is protected and meets SOC and SSAE standards.

Learn More About Time Rack

If you’d like to learn more, contact us for a personalized time and attendance demo. We’d be happy to show you how Time Rack time and attendance software could fit into your business.



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