Human Resources

An integrated suite of HR products to support your small or medium-sized business.

Applicant Tracking, Onboarding, Benefits Administration & More

Centralize all your core HR functions and processes with Timerack HR. Our intuitive software enables you to move away from tedious data entry across numerous files and replace it with one simple, easy-to-use system.  

Manage all your employees’ needs, from applicant tracking, to onboarding, performance reviews, and workers comp administration all within Timerack HR. 

Our HR administration system also integrates seamlessly with the Timerack time and attendance platform, providing an end-to-end time tracking and HR solution.

Features at a Glance

HR Support Center

Search our database for answers to many of your HR-related questions.

Applicant Tracking

Save time and money by optimizing and customizing your hiring process.


Automate and simplify your new hire paperwork and processes.

Benefits Administration

Create, manage and update your employee benefits program.

Workers’ Comp Claim Documentation

Safely store and easily retrieve all your key documentation.

Performance Reviews

Provide meaningful feedback & goal tracking to your employees.

Insurance & Benefits Tracking

Automate tasks such as renewal requests and compliance reporting.

Employee Termination

Manage terminations in accordance with specific labor laws.

Equipment Tracking

Instantly locate, track usage, and recover company equipment.

Payroll Integrations

Easily connect our time & attendance platform with your existing payroll provider, using our simple “out-of-the-box” integrations. Once connected, you can automate your time and attendance data straight into your payroll, removing all manual data entry and human errors.

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Our HR Partner Integrations

The Timerack HR suite provides access to a number of industry-leading HR tools, all within a single platform. These include recruitment and applicant tracking (ATS), background screening, and compliance tools. What’s more, our intelligent integrations mean you can automate data flows between each tool, such as easily running background screenings against job applicants.


JazzHR's best-in-class software replaces time-consuming and manual hiring tasks with intuitive software designed to help recruiters and hiring managers to recruit, and hire the right talent, fast.


HRAnswerLink is the nation’s top provider of on-demand HR support and services. The HRAnswerLink Support Center gives you answers and solutions to ever-changing employment laws and regulations.


MyHRConcierge is a leader in HR compliance and administration services. For a small monthly fee, Timerack HR customers can access support to help them manage complex HR compliance issues.

National Crime Search

National Crime Search provides NAPBS accredited background screening services to enable simple screening of new recruits.

Full List of Features

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HR Support Center

  • Searchable databases
  • Access information containing answers
  • Manage HR-related questions

Insurance & Benefits Tracking & Administration

  • Automate tasks
  • Manage requests for renewals
  • Stay in compliance reporting

Applicant Tracking and Onboarding

  • Customize your entire hiring process
  • Simplifies new hire paperwork and processes
  • Automates tracking and onboarding

Performance Reviews

  • Provide meaningful feedback to employees
  • Easily record goal tracking
  • Manage your end-to-end employee review process

Ensures HR Compliance

  • Manage policies and procedures
  • Monitor employment and work practices
  • Comply with applicable laws and regulations

Employee Termination

  • Manage employee termination
  • Comply with individual labor laws
  • Understand contracts and release process
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Case Study

Payroll Company Uses Timerack to Offer Big Business Tools to Small Businesses

Keeper of the Payroll is a provider of customized outsourced payroll processing to a broad mix of Tennessee-based businesses. It provides both payroll services and business planning tools with the goal of delivering greater efficiency and profitability to its clients.

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