Time Clock Hardware

Biometric, card swipe, and contactless employee time and attendance clocks.

All in One Terminals to Suit Your Needs

Take control of your labor costs and reduce payroll errors and manual entry with our all-in-one employee time clock devices.  

Our time clock hardware terminals let you choose between fingerprint, RFID badge, pin, and facial recognition entry. These unique identifiers enable you to eliminate buddy punching and inaccurate time logs from your business.

All of our devices are available to rent or buy and come pre-loaded with our time & attendance firmware and integrate seamlessly with our time & attendance software.

Our Employee Time Clock Devices

Timerack Mobile App

The Timerack mobile application offers a way for employers to track remote and workplace-based employees using their smartphones. Securely and easily collect time across your entire workforce with geo-fencing support, selfie verification, and compatibility across both iOS and Android devices.

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Timerack TR905

The Timerack TR905 is an adaptable time clock, perfect for employers with a high employee count. Function keys, a 3.5″ TFT LCD, and integrated RFID offer an excellent user experience for employees. Eliminate buddy punching with advanced access control capabilities, biometric authentication, and fast identification speeds.

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Timerack Kiosk

The Timerack Kiosk offers all the convenience of a traditional hardware clock but is presented with a more intuitive, user-friendly interface. Reduce employee onboarding time and minimize manual punch corrections with the Timerack Kiosk and Intellipunch.


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How Our Time Clock Devices Compare

Features Mobile App & Kiosk TR905
Fingerprint Biometric / Facial Recognition
Fingerprint Capacity
Touch Screen
Job Code/Department Change
Smart Card Technology
LCD Display
Verification Speed
Battery Back Up
PoE (Power Over Ethernet)
Restrict Early In/Out
Custom Questions
External Access Control
PTO Review & Request
View Timecard
View Employee Schedule
Multiple Languages (English & Spanish)

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Case Study

Payroll Company Finds the Missing Piece to Its Technology Suite With Timerack

Payroll Vault Fort Collins is part of a national leading vendor. The team prides itself on redefining the payroll industry through advanced cloud-based technologies, the highest quality payroll service, and unparalleled customer service.

Our seasoned experts serve as the 'internal'​ payroll department for hundreds of businesses nationwide. With over 120 clients, they have been using Timerack’s time and attendance solutions since 2017.

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