Employee Time Clock App

Track employees on the move with our geofencing mobile time and attendance app.

An Effortless Solution for a Workforce on the Move

Take control of your field workers’ labor costs with our easy-to-use employee time clock app for iOS and Android.

The app provides seamless integration into our time and attendance software, enabling you to track remote and workplace-based employees within a single system. 

The dashboard reporting means you can ensure there are no late arrivals or other schedule-related issues with staff out in the field.

Core Functionality

Geofencing Attendance System

Ensure your employees aren’t clocking in from the coach with our geofencing feature which provides a timestamped GPS record of where the punch happened. 

The geofencing feature is fully customizable, allowing you to set up time punch perimeters.

Selfie Verification

Eliminate the risk of buddy-punching with the selfie verification feature which takes a photo of the employee when they clock in and out.

Multi Punches on the Same App

Multiple employees can clock in and clock out on the same app by using their own unique pin. Great for remote work crews that share a single company device.

Full List of Features

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Real-Time Tracking

  • Track labor in real-time by tracking the exact location from where the punch took place
  • Customized geofencing attendance system that enables GPS time tracking
  • Able to validate employee’s ongoing location with 100% accuracy
  • Great for businesses where employees are on the move or remote

Highly Flexible and Customizable

  • Multiple punches can take place from a phone on which the app is downloaded
  • Employees can easily change department or pay category while punching
  • Policies for your mobile app can be customized to fit your own company policies
  • Mobile app can be accessed 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

Cross-Platform Compatibility

  • Available with all versions of Android, iPhone, and iPad OS.
  • Straightforward data collection in one location
  • Employees can sign in on multiple phones with their own unique pin
  • Easy for employees and employers to use alike
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Case Study

Busy Dentist is All Smiles With His Time and Attendance System

LifeTime Smiles of OC provide comprehensive and advanced dental treatments using innovative technology and techniques.

Dr. Kareem Abraham, along with his team of dental professionals, creates customized treatment plans that fit the aesthetic and functional needs of each patient in order to produce exceptional results. The team is located in Santa Ana, California, and has been using Timerack’s time and attendance solutions since 4/2/2020.

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