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By Timerack

February 20, 2019

Ever wonder why so many small to medium sized businesses haven’t digitized their paperwork? Often, it’s because they are overwhelmed by the amount of paper in their offices.

Consider this: an average four-drawer filing cabinet holds between 15,000 and 20,000 sheets of paper. Multiply that by dozens of filing cabinets and it’s clear just how daunting a task paper wrangling can be.

Companies that take steps to digitize their processes save a lot more than paper cuts. Digitizing allows businesses to cut repetitive, manual steps out of their processes. It also puts information at employees’ fingertips,  providing visibility into trends, problems or information gaps. It lets them see what’s working and what isn’t and can enable the generation of reports that can be used to create even greater efficiencies.

JazzHR Applicant Tracking and Timerack Time and Attendance

By integrating the recruiting platform of our partner JazzHR with the Timerack time and attendance system, clients of both companies can move newly hired employees directly into the Timerack system. There’s no need for the drudgery of duplicate data entry.

“It’s a heck of a lot easier to click a button and have them send [the information] than to build that file from scratch,” says Randy Blatt, JazzHR’s director of channel and customer success.

This integration is the first time JazzHR has integrated with a dedicated time and attendance partner.

Chuck Brownfield, vice president of sales and success at JazzHR, says it’s a partnership that will give clients of both companies a competitive edge with efficiencies and time savings they can put toward growing their businesses.

“Customers were asking about” time and attendance, Brownfield said. “It became obvious that we wanted to have a strong partnership. It’s a good fit.”

Brownfield said Timerack will be especially useful for JazzHR clients in the manufacturing and service industries because of Timerack’s customized time and attendance solutions for businesses that need to be able to track time and attendance through a mobile app, or need location or project-based time tracking, as well as those that do a lot of seasonal hiring.

“At the end of the day, people like integrations because it keeps things consistent. And it will be a big time-saver for companies that do a lot of hiring or have a high turnover rate,” Brownfield says.

A Streamlined Hiring Process

Timerack clients can  also benefit from JazzHR’s subscription-based recruiting and hiring platform. As a longtime innovator in the recruiting software industry, JazzHR has made the recruiting and hiring process dramatically easier for its clients, helping them fill jobs and maintain a talent pipeline in the face of a labor market that has left many other businesses struggling to fill positions.

JazzHR encourages clients to use its digital, cloud-based tools to make recruiting a year-round effort. Jobs posted with JazzHR are automatically forwarded to 15 jobs boards.

Under the company’s integration with Timerack, clients will be able to easily transmit information collected during the recruiting process to the Timerack time and attendance platform, creating a new file with little more than a click or two.

“By working together with JazzHR, we have eliminated time-consuming duplicate data entry and streamlined the hiring process for businesses,” says DeAnna Martindale, Timerack’s director of sales and operations. “Combining JazzHR’s recruiting and applicant tracking system with Timerack’s time and attendance and HR software provides clients with an all-in-one solution to easily manage their employee onboarding efforts.”

Solutions That Work Smarter for HR Management

At Timerack, we are committed to providing our clients with an array of solutions across the entire compensation landscape. In addition to the services offered by partners like JazzHR, Timerack clients also have access to additional solutions through our sister companies SBS Payroll and Payroll Tax Management.For more information about our partnership with JazzHR or to schedule a demo of our time and attendance software, contact us at (951) 309-0500 or click on the link below.



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