Geofencing Time & Attendance: Now Available in Timerack T&A Solution

By Timerack

December 20, 2019

More relevant than ever…learn how geofencing and mobile time and attendance keep your employees close, no matter where they are

Geofencing with Pinpoint Accuracy & Efficiency + Mobile Time Clock for Remote Employees

Two years ago, we introduced the geofencing feature for our mobile time clock and provided our clients with a better way to manage their remote employees and ensure that they were where they were supposed to be.

Today, most of us are remote employees, at least part of the week, and “clocking in” can mean something entirely different than it once did. It’s a trend that is only expected to grow. And no matter where your employees put in their time, your time and attendance tracking system has to be there – with features that provide you with accurate time tracking that goes where your workforce goes.

For the growing number of Timerack clients with a remote workforce, managing employees in the field couldn’t be any easier, with features that prevent time tracking abuse and also make short work of scheduling, PTO tracking and compliance reporting.

Mobile technology, which revolutionized workforce management for employers in industries like home healthcare, construction, landscaping, and event staff, is now indispensable in even more workplaces.

That’s why so many time and attendance solutions now include GPS and the ability for employees to take a picture of themselves as part of the clock in/out process. This helps eliminate buddy punching, and can ensure that employees are clocking in from wherever they are supposed to be, whether it’s a patient’s home, a construction site or a customer location.

Timerack’s mobile time and attendance app has all the features you need to keep up with an increasingly mobile workforce, whether you need to track overtime, report hours by project or location or just reduce inefficiencies.

It’s easy to set up, employees don’t need to do anything to use it, and it’s free for users of the Timerack time and attendance software.

What Is Geofencing Time & Attendance?

Geofencing is technology that uses mobile GPS capability to create a virtual geographic boundary for remote employees.

Simply put, employees can’t clock in or out beyond a geographic boundary that employers set based on 500 feet or more from a specific address. Employees can still punch in and out beyond the geofencing borders, but supervisors will be immediately notified in case corrective action needs to be taken.

Geofencing Impact

As a result, geofencing ensures accuracy in your time and attendance records by verifying that employees are at the work site when they clock in and out.

Paired with technology that uses mobile camera functions to verify identity when punching in/out, it’s a system that combines the convenience and flexibility of mobile time clocking with an added layer of accuracy and security.

Save Time & Money with Geofencing

In addition to saving the costs associated with deliberate or careless clocking errors, geofencing eliminates the need for costly supervisor oversight of time clock practices and helps ensure employee accountability. That helps ensure the highest patient care, that construction projects are completed on time and that remote employees work all hours they’re being paid for.

Geofencing was developed with direct input from partners like Thomson Reuters ACS Payroll software, and clients, who sought a way to reduce the expenses of managing remote employees in industries like home health care.



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