How Your Organization Can Get to Grips With Employee Time and Attendance

Discover the Ways Your Business Can Get on Top of Employee Time and Attendance

This whitepaper arms you with the nous and know-how for optimizing your employee time and attendance (T&A). Automated and biometric time and attendance systems can help your business save thousands of dollars while helping you stay up to date with the latest rules and regulations around biometric time tracking and employee data. Here are few things we’ll be sharing:

Automated T & A Benefits

Find out why automated time and attendance trumps a manual time and attendance system in the modern workplace.

Biometric T & A Insights

Learn all about biometric technology and time and attendance solutions – and how it can benefit your company.

How to Adapt Post-COVID

Find out how COVID has affected employee time tracking and how your business can adapt your T&A systems to the new normal. 

multiple law books stacked on a shelf

Biometric Laws to Save you From Harmful Lawsuits

We explain the most up-to-date biometric time and attendance laws in the US to help you remain compliant. We’ll also explain how HR departments can approach implementing a biometric time and attendance solution and keep employees happy. 

Find Out What to Look For With an Automated Time and Attendance Solution

Regardless of what industry you’re in, there are some things to look out for when selecting an automated time and attendance solution – especially as we slowly return to work. This whitepaper discusses them, they include:

Touchless technology

This is more hygienic and keeps your workers more secure in a Post-COVID workplace. 


A system that integrates with your HR and payroll processes eliminates human error entirely and saves time. 

Data Insights

Productivity and employee insights help you manage shift work more effectively and stagger employee return to work. 

For Managers and Consultants

This has been written to help HR managers, HR consultants and finance managers  assess and select the best T&A solution in the modern workplace for either their own business or client needs.

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