Staffing Agencies and New Age Technology: How to Use This Combination and Crush Your Competitors

How Staffing Agencies Can Stand Apart From Its Rivals

We’ve built this resource for staffing agencies looking to grow the quantity and quality of the talent pool they can match with their corporate clients.

Whether it’s looking for candidates with specialized skill sets or connecting with a more premium roster of hiring companies, you can use this ebook as a roadmap for leveraging marketing and technology to blow your rivals out of the water.

Here’s a few things we’ll share with you in this whitepaper:

Know Your Customer

Ask yourself what industries do you know inside and out? Do you understand your client’s needs and objectives? Aiming for long-term growth rather than just making some quick bucks is the way to go. 

Specialize in Sourcing

The most ideal candidates may not even be actively looking for a job but may consider it if the right offer comes along. Finding a system for finding active job seekers, and those who aren’t actively looking is paramount.

Create a Talent Pool for Your Clients to Draw On

Design a framework for creating talent pools for each of your clients. Ask yourself what criteria somebody would have to fill to be included in the talent pool? 

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The Best Staffing Agency Software

Thanks to cloud-based technology, which has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years, there is now a wide range of software solutions that staffing and recruitment agencies can’t live without these days. Download the ebook to discover our picks of five of the best.

The Best Marketing Strategies To Grow A Staffing Agency

When it comes to marketing, the most important thing any staffing agency’s marketing team can do is to make sure that their firm stands out from the rest. Download our ebook, and take a deep dive into five of the best strategies your marketing team can work on to ensure that your staffing agency becomes popular in no time. 

Update Your Website

These days, half of the job is to make sure a user lands on your website in the first place. In order to ensure the right people are visiting your website, you’ll need to increase its visibility on search engines.

Leverage Social Media

It’s incredible how much difference a solid social media strategy can make to marketing a business, but herein lies the key: strategy. And staffing agencies must carefully think out how they are going to go about it.

Introduce a Referral Scheme

The oldest marketing trick in the book is client referrals. When it comes to spreading the word about your staffing agency, there’s nothing more powerful than word of mouth.

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