Benefits of Subscription-Based Time and Attendance Custom-Tailored Solutions

Discover How a Custom-Tailored Time & Attendance Solution Can Help Your Business

This whitepaper outlines the key benefits of using a subscription-based time & attendance (T&A) platform customized to the requirements of your business. Time and attendance solutions save time and money while creating efficiencies across multiple facets of a modern business. Here are a few highlights we’ll be sharing:

Accuracy and Efficiency

State of the art time clocks can make your payroll process both more accurate and more efficient.

Automatically Manage Overtime

Subscription-based T&A platforms enable your team to easily log overtime with zero admin.

Integrate HR Modules

Integrate T&A with other HR tools including onboarding, licensing, and benefits administration.

Designed for Specific Industries

Often, in jobs where employees don’t report to a fixed location, it’s more difficult to track their time and attendance. Learn how our innovative time-tracking solutions benefit businesses in construction, healthcare, hospitality, and other industries.  

Learn the Best Practices for Selecting a T&A Solution

Regardless of the industry you are in, there are certain general best practices that should be followed when selecting a time and attendance solution. This whitepaper discusses what these are, which include: 


Find a system that integrates with your payroll processing and HR software.


Ensure the platform allows for further growth or customization as your needs change.


Skip the expense and hassle of purchasing, installing, and maintaining hardware.

For Managers & Consultants

This whitepaper has been written to help HR managers, HR consultants and finance managers when assessing and selecting the best T&A solution for their business or clients’ needs.

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