Keep Your Time & Attendance Software When Switching Payroll

Keep the T&A software that works best for you when changing payroll providers by using our software bridges.

Payroll Software Bridges

When you make a major change to your business, like your payroll software, this can affect a number of things in your organization. Often, payroll providers will try and sell you their out-of-the-box timekeeping solution that’s bundled with their services, but this doesn’t mean you have to use it.

Here at Timerack, we’ve been building payroll software bridges so that you can change payroll software and still keep the time and attendance tracking software that works for you.

Switching Payroll Doesn’t Have to Mean Switching T&A Software

  • We work with 24 different payroll systems.
  • These include giants like ADP, QuickChex, and Quickbooks.
  • If we don’t work with your payroll system we’ll build a bridge to your preferred system.

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