A biometric time clock suited to any business environment.

Device Overview

The TR500 biometric time clock is highly specialized in controlling costs and collecting real-time employee data in clean and messy environments alike. This makes it an ideal time clock for a number of different industries.

  • Display

    5” LCD Touchscreen

  • Identification Options

    PIN, RFID smart cards/pins, Fingerprint

  • Languages

    English and Spanish

  • Power source

    DC 12 Volts and Power Over Ethernet (PoE)

  • Connectivity

    WiFi and ethernet

  • Identification Speed

    1 second

  • Dimensions

    Height: 70.8" in/ 272mm, Length: 5" in /735mm, Width: 7.8" in/30mm

Time and Attendance Tracking Made Easy

The TR500 helps businesses of all sizes take control of employee time tracking easily and securely.

man pointing finger

The World’s #1 Fingerprint Technology

With an advanced multispectral fingerprint sensor, the TR500 collects real-time employee data from fingers that are clean, dusty, or oily.

women holding hand up indicating to stop

Punch Restrictions

TR500 allows you to limit when your employees can clock in or out so you never have to worry about employees working more than their scheduled hours.

a team of people having a meeting together

Employee Self-Service

The simple interface and 5″ LCD screen allow employees to quickly look over their hours, schedules, and punches in a few clicks.

A Time Clock For the Modern Workplace

Secure Employee Access

Employees can clock in quickly and securely with their unique fingerprint, smart card, or PIN. 

Flexible Purchasing Options

Our purchasing model allows you to either buy and rent the TR500.

Sync With Payroll

Multiple integration solutions allow you to sync time and attendance with payroll offerings.

Discover How the TR500 Can Help Your Business

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Case Study

Payroll Company Uses Timerack to Offer Big Business Tools to Small Businesses

Keeper of the Payroll is a provider of customized outsourced payroll processing to a broad mix of Tennessee-based businesses. It provides both payroll services and business planning tools with the goal of delivering greater efficiency and profitability to its clients.

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