Timerack and Greenfield Staffing Software Announce Strategic Partnership

Partnership integrates growth for staffing agencies and promotes smoother operations for greater efficiency

RALEIGH, N.C., Oct. 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Timerack and Greenfield Staffing Software today announced a long-term strategic partnership expected to accelerate growth for both companies. The two companies bring to the market unique software solutions that streamline staffing agencies’ operational activities and employee activities, including online web portal, front- and back-office activities and time & attendance tracking. This new partnership improves operational efficiency and employee satisfaction while freeing staffing organizations to focus more on growth and revenue-producing initiatives.

Timerack and Greenfield Staffing Software capabilities include:

  • Simplified front- and back-office tasks and processes
  • Enhanced Assignment Tracking
  • Increased efficiency and improved onboarding with Timerack IntellipunchTM intelligent punch
  • Personalized service from highly trained platform experts

“Timerack’s intelligent approach combined with Greenfield’s capabilities frees staffing agencies from redundant, low-value tasks, allowing more time to focus on new business and other growth initiatives,” said Adam Day, president and CEO, Timerack

Greenfield software offers a browser-neutral, mobile-friendly platform designed to do the heavy lifting for staffing professionals. The platform is easy to use, drives efficiencies and easily integrates with leading third-party applications. Combined with Timerack’s employee time and labor management, HR suite and payroll integration, Greenfield streamlines operations for staffing agencies by fully integrating front and back office, web portal, document management and paperless on-boarding systems. The software allows for seamless data transfers across the entire organization that is error-free, accurate, and automated to free up staff from tedious, redundant tasks. This partnership gives Staffing agencies a better way to track time, location and tasks of employees, with smooth integration to front- and back-office systems.

“We are excited to be a Timerack partner, which adds even more capabilities to our already robust software portfolio of products designed to support Staffing agencies.”
— Mike Baumgardner, President at Greenfield Software

For more information, visit: https://timerack.com/partner-programs/recruitment-staffing-agency-software/

About Greenfield Staffing Software
Greenfield Staffing Software provides staffing and recruitment software. We develop tools that allow staffing firms to manage their operations with ease by fully integrating front and back office, web portal, document management and paperless on-boarding systems, allowing seamless data transfers across the entire organization.

For more information, please visit https://greenfieldsoftware.com/ or call 800.226.9366

About Timerack, Inc.
Timerack alleviates stress with time & attendance automation and comprehensive reporting with software, time clocks, a mobile app with geofencing, and an HR module. By ensuring employees are paid accurately and can easily request time off, Timerack helps employers maximize their return on employee investment (ROEI). Timerack is an ideal, cost-effective and cloud-based time & attendance solution for businesses that handle hundreds of employees per location. Timerack automatic alerts and features lower theft, decrease your risk of fines and lawsuits for non-compliance, and are specifically designed to help you reduce overtime by 20% or more so you can manage your business better. 

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