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How to Start a Healthcare Staffing Agency

By Trevor Sheffield

April 26, 2023

Do you want to start your own business? Do you dream of working in a profession that feels more purposeful? If so, starting a healthcare staffing agency could be the right move for you. With the autonomy to make your own business moves and build something from scratch combined with the fulfilling nature of matching healthcare professionals to their ideal job positions, running a healthcare staffing agency offers chances for growth that not many other jobs do.

If you think starting a healthcare staffing agency might be the right move for you, then check out these four things you’ll want to do as you prepare.

Decide the ins and outs of your business

Starting a business comes with a lot of nitty-gritty details to figure out—from the name of your brand to the kind of marketing you want to pursue to deciding whether you’re going to hire additional employees. When you’re putting together your healthcare staffing agency, we suggest making a list of things you’ll need to decide. Then, when you do make decisions, you can record them all in one place for safekeeping and reference that document whenever you need. 

As you get the details figured out, it’s important to check federal and state regulations for businesses. You’ll want to be aware of any legal paperwork you need to do, like obtaining an EIN from the IRS.

Consider your competition

Once you’ve got the basics covered, it’s time to look at your competition. Carefully review the websites, marketing efforts, and successes of healthcare staffing agencies that focus on the same regions you plan to. What kind of candidates and clients do they cater to? What benefits do clients gain from working with these agencies? Do you plan to offer these same benefits to your own clients? 

Ask yourself why someone looking for a job in healthcare would choose your agency over another, more established one. Ask yourself the same question about the companies you’ll be working with. Build your business off of what you decide.

Additionally, viewing your competition is an opportunity to see where other agencies fall short. You can capitalize on the weaknesses of these other agencies to gain more clientele and increase the happiness of those you work with from the beginning.

Use all your resources

Don’t expect opportunities to flock to you without hard work and effort. Use all the resources available to you. This might mean collaborating with communities who are already part of the healthcare industry in order to find searching job candidates or purchasing mailing lists of those who may be interested. You’ll also need to reach out to companies with job openings and create contracts that allow you to work together. 

Be aware of potential challenges

The healthcare industry can be rife with challenges. If you’re not prepared, you may find yourself becoming discouraged. Keep in mind that currently, the issue facing the healthcare industry is finding qualified candidates. There is no lack of job positions, but there is a huge lack of those willing to fill said positions. With so many healthcare workers burned out in the aftermath of the pandemic, you’ll need to take care in working to find the best fits for each job you’re tasked with filling. 

However, the need for healthcare is continually growing, which means your business is one of vital importance. The work you do is necessary and beneficial to people who need specialized care. Remember to keep the faith when challenges seem to get in your way.

Are you considering starting your own healthcare staffing agency? How have these tips helped you become more prepared?



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