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How to Hire Medical Staff

By Trevor Sheffield

April 19, 2023

If you’ve started a medical staffing agency, it’s important to understand how to hire adequately qualified medical staff for your clientele. Here, we’ll discuss the important things you need to do in order to be prepared and stay in-the-know when it comes to industry standards. This will also help ensure you stay at the same level or ahead of your competitors.

Understanding Required Qualifications

Have a good relationship with your clients so you can ask important questions about the qualifications listed in each job posting. Knowing what kind of experience is non-negotiable will help you bring in the right kind of candidates for the position and allow you to make choices about applicants who may not fit the bill. 

Ask the Right Questions

This is a skill you’ll need for all applicants, not just medical staff. However, with the stakes so high in this profession, you’ll want to be positive you’re asking the best questions to determine the applicant’s skill and experience level. Discuss their educational background and enlist the help of a subject matter expert to craft questions about specific experiences the candidate may need in order to be qualified. 

Check References & Vet Credentials

Contacting former employers is a must. You can ask references for more information on certain skills you may be uncertain of in a candidate. Additionally, a former employer can provide details on the applicant’s work ethic, confirm their experience in certain areas, and give you confidence to move them forward in the process if they are a good fit.

You’ll also want to make sure you follow up on confirming the person’s education and other credentials. While some jobs can get away with not having a degree and succeeding regardless, medical professionals do not fall within that category. It’s imperative that you ensure the person you’re interviewing has the degree or degrees they claim to.

Stay Up-to-Date on Laws & Regulations

Medical laws and regulations abound. That’s why it’s important to stay up to date on them, especially if you’re hiring professionals in the medical field. If you’re running a medical staffing agency, we recommend finding good sources to keep in the know about these laws and regulations before you even begin hiring. Schedule opportunities to look into the laws regularly so you don’t miss anything that may put you in a bad spot. Depending on your budget, you may even consider hiring a professional whose job is to ensure compliance with these rules.

Utilize Internal Resources Where Possible

In order to keep your costs low when running a medical staffing agency, use your internal resources wherever possible. An HR team of professionals can help you check references, vet credentials, and formulate interview questions. Outsourcing these processes is always an option, but may cost you far more than you originally planned.

Fractional Subject Matter Experts

Invest your time in finding subject matter experts that can assist you where needed. For example, tools like glider.ai can provide subject matter expertise across a variety of industries. This can enable you to put more effort into other aspects of your business without wasting essential time.

Which of these tips will you use when hiring medical professionals? It’s important to keep these things in mind so you can send on only the best and most qualified candidates for the jobs your clients are looking to fill.  



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