10 Timesheet Memes to Keep Your Team on Track

By Trevor Sheffield

May 16, 2023

If you use a timesheet to track your work or if you gather timesheets from people who do, chances are you’ve experienced the tough challenge of getting those records submitted on time as frequently as required. Whether you’re sick of sending in timesheets or sick of reminding employees to send theirs in, we think you’ll find a bit of a laugh in each of these 10 memes. There’s no better way to feel more encouraged and brighten your spirits than with a bit of humor.

  1.  The ultimate difficult decision

Looking to share a chuckle with someone who frequently forgets to turn their timesheet in? Try sending them this meme—ideally, they’ll relate and realize there’s a better way to accomplish things.

  1.  Through the fire and the flames

Maybe this is what you feel like when you realize the office is empty on a Friday and you have received approximately…zero timesheets. Yeah. We get it.

  1.  Annoying, but true

We get it, filling out timesheets can be a frustrating task, especially when it feels like you’ve got better things to do with your time. But when a timesheet is what keeps you paid…well, better to take a deep breath and get it over with.

  1.  Gandalf tells it like it is

You’re telling me you would argue with Gandalf? 

  1.  Timesheet hack

If you’re desperate, there’s one surefire way to get rid of filling out a timesheet once and for all. Not sure we’d recommend it though, especially if you like your paycheck!

  1.  It comes for us all

We’d say this battle requires more mental armor than physical, but you do you.

  1.  Oprah.

If you’re trying to drum up encouragement with your next timesheet reminder, channel your inner Oprah and send this one to your Slack channels.

  1.  Think of the history you’re making

Can anyone guarantee there won’t be timesheets in a museum one day? If you’re feeling frustrated, just consider what the future (which will be blissfully timesheet free) will try and interpret timesheets as. The possibilities are endless.

  1.  Buzz knows what’s up

Remind your team of the good-naturedness of your reminders by sharing this meme with them. 

  1. We’ve all been there

Keep some Excedrin on hand, because you know it’s coming.



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