How CPAs Increase Profitability and Client Retention with Payroll Integration, T&A and HR Services

Learn How to Increase Profitability and Client Retention

Looking for additional revenue streams to grow your CPA business? Providing value-add services including payroll, time and attendance (T&A), and HR software could be the solution you’ve been seeking. Download this whitepaper and learn the following:

How to Increase Stickiness

Learn how to increase stickiness with your clients and improve retention rates.

Adding Value with Payroll

Learn how to add value and increase revenue by offering payroll as a core service.

Combining Payroll with T&A

Increase revenue further by adding time and attendance software to your stack.

Designed for SMB Clients

Learn how offering payroll, time and attendance and HR services and software to the small and mid-sized businesses (SMBs) you work with is an extremely effective way to increase revenue and retention.

Add Real Value to Your Clients’ Businesses

Learn how offering T&A, payroll, and HR services not only increases your average revenue per client, but also adds real value to your clients’ businesses.

Payroll Automations

Time clock data can be uploaded to payroll software in just one click.

Eliminate Errors

No more manual entry means no more costly human errors.

Reduce Admin Costs

Help your clients cut down on administrative hours and costs.

Start Generating More Income Today

Use the information provided in the white paper to start generating more income for your CPA or accounting firm today, by offering ancillary and complementary services to your clients.

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