Time & Attendance Software Features

Employee time tracking software that integrates seamlessly with your payroll.

Track, Monitor and Manage Your Employee Hours

Ditch the spreadsheets and time consuming manual data entry with our fully automated time and attendance software. Our time tracking software provides your business with real time dashboard reporting and full analytics of all employee hours.

As a cloud based solution, our software easily scales to accommodate hundreds of employees across numerous business locations, including both in-workplace and remote workers.

We provide simple integrations into all major payroll systems allowing you to automate much of your payroll coordination.

Software Features at a Glance

Dashboard Reporting

Monitor your workforce at a glance with customizable dashboards.

Detailed Analytics

Drill down into detailed analytics at the employee or department level.

Cloud Based

All data securely stored in the cloud which you can access from anywhere and on any device.

Zero IT Investment

As a cloud based SaaS platform, zero IT investment is required from the user.

Payroll Integration

We provide APIs into a number of payroll systems enabling payroll automation.

Proactive Alerts

Create alerts for late or missed punches as well as exclusions and other rules.

Maximum Security

Data is stored in a secure data center, backed up daily and supported by a disaster recovery plan.

Employee Management

Track pay rates, probation, promotions, leave and other changes within the system

Web Punch Clock

Allow remote employees to punch in with our online time clock secured by IP address.

Payroll Integrations

Easily connect our time & attendance platform with your existing payroll provider, using our simple “out-of-the-box” integrations. Once connected, you can automate your time and attendance data straight into your payroll, removing all manual data entry and human errors.

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Full List of Features

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Payroll Integration

  • Easily connect your payroll systems to our software using our simple API
  • Automate payroll coordination with each employee’s logged hours
  • Save time and money by removing manual data entry
  • Avoid costly human errors and mistakes

Detailed Reporting

  • Create customized dashboard reports for complete oversight of your employees
  • Generate detailed reports at the employee or department level
  • Report templates include management reports, HR reports and payroll reports
  • Easily export reports to Excel, PDF or Word for offline use

Cloud Based

  • Access your account from anywhere and on any device
  • No upfront IT investment required as we host all the data
  • Easily scale up or down in line with your business needs
  • All data is held securely at our data center and backed up daily

Employee Management

  • Easily track pay rates, probation and promotions
  • Manage all leave requests and approvals between employees and managers
  • Choose how to manage salaried employees, including auto punch and no punch options
  • Automatically apply standard FLSA OT calculations to overtime

Proactive Alerts

  • Easily apply tardiness alerts and lunch/break related alerts
  • Create exception flags for missing punches
  • Quickly run ‘Alert History’ reports even after alerts are cleared
  • Track employee enrollment discrepancies between the time clock and software

Web Punch Clock

  • Allow remote desk-based employees to clock in using the web clock
  • Secured by IP address so employees can only clock in at specific locations
  • Self service module allows employees to view and print their timecard online
  • Web timesheet allows employees to manually view and/or edit their worked hours
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