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Time tracking, payroll integration, invoicing & HR Software for staffing and recruitment agencies.

An All-In-One Solution Designed for Agencies

Timerack has been built specifically to serve the needs of today’s staffing and recruitment agencies. Our software has been used by hundreds of staffing agencies throughout the country since 2004 and we’re constantly adding new features as the needs of the staffing industry continue to evolve. 

Our all-in-one SaaS cloud solution allows you to automate and easily manage time & attendance tracking, payroll integration, client invoicing, and reporting.

Intelligent features such as online timesheets for recruitment agencies, dashboard management of client invoicing with automated markups and billing rates, and self-serve client portals enable you to eliminate all your time-consuming manual data entry and spreadsheet collations.   

What’s more, our fully integrated HR module enables recruitment, applicant tracking (ATS), onboarding, and a host of other features to manage the hire-to-retire life cycle all in one system.

Core Features

Time & Attendance for Staffing Agencies

Our time & attendance software is integrated into our range of biometric time clocks, mobile app, and web punch clock, enabling you to track staff in the workplace, out in the field, or working from home.

Payroll Services for Staffing Agencies

Bridge the gap between timesheets and payroll with our automated system. Our time & attendance platform sends employee working hours directly into your payroll system.

Invoicing Software for Recruitment and Staffing Agencies

Manage billing rates and markups within a single dashboard, automatically generate invoices and send them to clients all within our system.

Full List of Features

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Automated Client Invoicing

  • Manage markups, charges, and bill rates for each client within a single dashboard
  • Integrate time and attendance data to automatically calculate client invoices
  • Eliminate human error by automating all your existing timesheets
  • Self-serve portal enables clients to run and download their own reports

Integrated Timeclocks

  • Easily manage multiple time clocks across multiple sites through a single interface
  • Biometric, mobile app, and web punch timeclocks enable staff tracking in all locations
  • Timeclock data syncs in real-time with our time and attendance software
  • Timeclocks are available to either rent or buy

Streamlined Seasonal Hiring

  • Manage bulk termination and rehiring within the platform
  • Only pay for active employees, inactive employees saved on the system incur no charge
  • Quickly and effortlessly onboarding new hires with online onboarding

Payroll Integration

  • Easily connect your payroll systems to our software using our simple API
  • Automate payroll coordination with each employee’s logged hours
  • Save time and money by removing manual data entry
  • Avoid costly human errors and mistakes

Detailed Reporting

  • Create customized dashboard reports for complete oversight of your employees
  • Generate detailed reports at the employee or department level
  • Report templates include management reports, HR reports and payroll reports
  • Easily export reports to Excel, PDF or Word for offline use

Cloud Based

  • Access your account from anywhere and on any device
  • No upfront IT investment required as we host all the data
  • Easily scale up or down in line with your business needs
  • All data is held securely at our data center and backed up daily
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The Benefits of Partnering With Timerack

Dedicated Account Management

Our expert account managers are always on hand to solve any problems and ensure success.

Simple Integration

With 24+ payroll provider integrations plus custom solutions, we can easily integrate into your software.

White Labelling

Provide a seamless customer experience with our white labeling options.

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Case Study

Busy Dentist is All Smiles With His Time and Attendance System

LifeTime Smiles of OC provide comprehensive and advanced dental treatments using innovative technology and techniques.

Dr. Kareem Abraham, along with his team of dental professionals, creates customized treatment plans that fit the aesthetic and functional needs of each patient in order to produce exceptional results. The team is located in Santa Ana, California, and has been using Timerack’s time and attendance solutions since 4/2/2020.

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