Office time & attendance software, payroll integration and HR administration services.

Office Solutions That Deliver Work-Life Harmony

Office work is becoming more fragmented, with working from home, hybrid working and staff out in the field making labor management more complex. That’s why we’ve designed an all-in-one suite of office attendance management software, online and physical time clocks, and HR administration platform.

These services help office-based businesses gain better control over their labor and HR costs, saving you time and money.

Our Services

Office Attendance Management System

Track your employees in real time, automate your manual processes and sync your time tracking with your payroll.

  • Simple payroll integration
  • Web based time clocks
  • Cloud based

Biometric Office Time Clocks

Eliminate budding punching with biometric time clocks, including contactless facial recognition clocks.

  • Buy or rent devices
  • LCD touchscreen displays
  • Super fast identification speed

HR Administration Platform

Create a great employee experience with an all-in-one HR administration platform which manages the employee lifecycle end-to-end.

  • Applicant tracking & onboarding
  • Performance review management
  • Insurance & benefits administration

Office COVID Screening Platform

Keep your office COVID secure, protect the health of your employees and protect your business from lawsuits.

  • App based platform
  • Offsite pre-screening
  • Backend data management

Designed for Offices

Automates Manual Timekeeping

Remove manual timekeeping and monitor schedule adherence in real time.

Supports Hybrid Work Patterns

In-office and virtual web time clocks enable hybrid workers to punch in from anywhere.

Eliminates Errors

Stop over or underpaying employees and ensure all overtime is accounted for.

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Payroll Company Increases Yearly Revenue by $100,000

Action Payroll provides outsourced payroll services for businesses of all sizes. With over 25 years of experience, they pride themselves on payroll accuracy and reliability, keeping clients up-to-date with complex tax rules and regulations, and delivering unparalleled customer service.

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