Payroll Company Finds the Missing Piece to Its Technology Suite With Timerack

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Payroll Vault Fort Collins is part of a national leading vendor. The team prides itself on redefining the payroll industry through advanced cloud-based technologies, the highest quality payroll service, and unparalleled customer service.

Our seasoned experts serve as the 'internal'​ payroll department for hundreds of businesses nationwide. With over 120 clients, they have been using Timerack’s time and attendance solutions since 2017.

Payroll Vault Needed to Help Its Clients With Seasonal or Remote Employees

When Payroll Vault first approached us, it was already well-established as a go-to payroll business in Colorado, Washington, and Wyoming, and beyond. However, despite this, the team still wanted to improve its services. 

In particular, they wanted to add to their technology suite a time and attendance solution that helped clients with seasonal employees or a workforce that was frequently on the move. Its existing clients were finding it a challenge to do this accurately and quickly.

Our solution

Timerack Makes Payroll Vault’s Technology Suite Even Better

Timerack’s time and attendance platform allowed Payroll Vault to make its technology suite and services even better. Thanks to us, Payroll Vault Fort Collins is now able to offer payroll services, HR services, time and attendance, background checks, workers’ compensation, and labor law poster services to its arsenal. 

What’s more, our technology has streamlined these processes for both them and their clients. This has given them more time for growing their business and keeping – and even improving – their customer services.

Geofencing Mobile App Proves a Hit With Clients

Timerack’s geofencing mobile app has proved extremely popular with Payroll Vault Fort Collin’s clients who have a remote workforce. It’s allowed remote workers to easily clock in and out from any location – or one set by the employers – as well as helping cut down on unnecessary overtime and complicated timesheets. 

Moreover, as the mobile app is biometric, it has eliminated buddy punching completely. 

Clients Can Reactivate Seasonal Employees Without a Headache

Timerack’s integration with the Thomson Reuters Accounting CS software has proved a big plus for Payroll Vault’s clients. It makes it easy for the company to reactivate seasonal employees and creates a clean, accurate interface to import hours for processing.

Timerack’s software integrates with many major payroll systems, and we can create a custom payroll interface or bridge for existing platforms. This means that even with over 120 clients, Payroll Vault has never had an issue with a client’s payroll system.

  • Our platform has made Payroll Vault’s technology suite even better
  • Biometric mobile app with geofencing has been perfect for clients with a remote workforce
  • Our integration makes it easy for clients to reactivate seasonal employees

We had one client who decided to process their payroll in-house in an effort to save some money. The following week, he came back to me and said, ‘I’ve changed my mind. This is much more complicated than I thought it was’. And new clients generally make their relief known within the first couple of months. Clients using the Timerack system have had incredibly positive things to say about it.

Miranda Thomson, Payroll Specialist - Payroll Vault

We Helped Payroll Vault Find The Missing Piece In Its Technological Suite

Timerack was able to provide Payroll Vault Fort Collins with various time & attendance solutions that allowed its clients to easily monitor its remote employees, easily onboard returning seasonal employees and have access to an even better range of products. 

We were able to do this because we specialize in providing disruptive technology to workplaces. Therefore, whether you’re after time and attendance, HR, or payroll software, we can find a solution for you.

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