Payroll Company Uses Timerack to Offer Big Business Tools to Small Businesses

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Keeper of the Payroll is a provider of customized outsourced payroll processing to a broad mix of Tennessee-based businesses. It provides both payroll services and business planning tools with the goal of delivering greater efficiency and profitability to its clients.

Wanted to Offer Big Business Tools to Small Business Clients

As a small-business owner providing payroll services to a diverse collection of other small and mid-sized businesses, Amy Brown knows that the size of the company does not define the size of the challenges. After starting a bookkeeping business, Keeper of the Books, in 2010, Brown soon recognized that her clients’ difficulties could not be met with bookkeeping services alone. 

They were struggling with an entire landscape of issues around payroll and workforce laws and regulations. That was the inspiration behind a second business, Keeper of the Payroll, which Brown established in 2013.

Both businesses were built around the knowledge that small companies have to navigate many of the same issues that bigger companies do. They need the same tools and the same solutions, scaled to size, but with the capability of keeping up with their needs as they grow.

Our solution

Timerack’s Flexibility Gives Keeper of the Payroll’s Clients Customized Solutions

Timerack’s partnership with Keeper of the Payroll has allowed it to craft tailored solutions for each of their client’s unique needs. Whether that be Payroll, HR, or Time Management, Timerack’s software integration with Thomson Reuters Accounting CS allows it to pick and choose the best solution on a client-by-client basis.

This is perfect for its smaller clients, who require a time and attendance solution that’s customized to them but can also be easily scaled up as they grow.

No HR Department, No Problem

Timerack’s HR module allows clients access to a library of documents, handbooks, laws, and guidance along with the ability to talk to a live specialist. This has been well received by Keeper of the Payroll’s clients.

Many of them cannot afford a permanent and full-time HR specialist, however, the Timerack and HRAnswerlink integration gives them all the tools to do it themselves.

Significant Growth and Extra Time Allows For Expansion of Services

Timerack’s various integration solutions have helped Keeper of the Payroll grow significantly over the past 8 years.

With 68 clients under its wing and processing time decreased by 30%, Brown and her team have even been able to add additional consulting services to the business model. This expansion would have been unthinkable without the help of Timerack’s time and attendance solutions.

  • Timerack’s software flexibility makes big business tools accessible to small businesses
  • Timerack’s HR module helps clients unable to afford a full-time HR specialist
  • Given the team extra time to expand their own business model beyond payroll services

Moving Keeper of the Payroll Into a New Level of Clients

Keeper of the Payroll’s utilization of Timerack’s various integration options has allowed them to grow significantly, keep their varied-client base extremely happy, and even expand their business into new areas.

Through their partnership with Timerack, they’ve been able to offer the same quality, care, and tools that big businesses rely on, but to smaller organizations.

Yearly growth since using Timerack.
Fall in processing time for their clients.
Clients gained since teaming up with Timerack.

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