Payroll Company Increases Yearly Revenue by $100,000

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Action Payroll


Durham, Maine & Waterbury, Connecticut

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Action Payroll provides outsourced payroll services for businesses of all sizes. With over 25 years of experience, they pride themselves on payroll accuracy and reliability, keeping clients up-to-date with complex tax rules and regulations, and delivering unparalleled customer service.

Action Payroll Needed a Time and Attendance Solution That Was Mutually Beneficial

When Action Payroll approached us, it was already well-established as a payroll company. However, to reach the next level, the team wanted to find a new way of improving the payroll process for both their clients and themselves. With that in mind, they started looking into offering time and attendance as a bundled service to their clients. 

The key to the service being mutually beneficial to both clients and Action Payroll was simplicity. Otherwise, it would put existing clients off and be more of a hassle than its existing payroll gathering methods.

Our solution

Timerack’s Simplicity Benefits Action Payroll and Its Clients

Action Payroll found the easy-to-use time and attendance and payroll solution it was looking for when it started using Timerack and Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll integrated software. And although it was simple and easy to use, the team found the effects to be powerful.

Since becoming a partner with Timerack, they’ve been able to increase their yearly revenue by $100,000 while saving over 500 hours a year. How many people have they brought in to help achieve these feats? None.

Clients Have Found it Invaluable in the Modern Workplace

Action Payroll’s clients have not only appreciated the ease in which they could manage time and attendance with a few clicks, they’ve found it especially useful for an increasingly mobile workforce.

Timerack’s mobile app proved extremely popular with clients whose employees do not clock in from a central location. The flexibility of the mobile app lets their employees clock in from their phones from anywhere.

Increased Efficiency Has Helped Action Payroll Maintain Low Prices

Action Payroll has used the time and energy saved through our partnership to maintain lower prices and deliver even better customer service to clients. As a result, their VP describes our services as “a home run”.

  • Simple to use at both ends of the time clock
  • Well-suited to Action Payroll’s clients modern and remote workforce
  • Time and attendance and payroll efficiency keeps prices low, but the quality of customer service high
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The synchronization between Timerack and Accounting CS is really, really good. It looks very simple to customers, but it is extremely powerful. We can take on much larger clients utilizing Timerack software versus trying to do it ourselves. We have one deal that is over 300 employees in 33 locations throughout the state of Maine. Without Timerack, it would have been very cumbersome and our margins would not be what they are now. That customer takes us about 10 minutes. Without Timerack, it would take hours. It’s had a huge impact on the growth of the business and we would have had a very hard time playing in that space without TimeRack. It’s a home run.

David Maunsell, VP - Action Payroll

Helping Action Payroll Manage Bigger Clients

Action Payroll’s utilization of Timerack and Thomson Reuters Accounting CS software has seen them make a significant leap with what they can offer existing customers but also the size of clients they can manage. 

Furthermore, they’ve been able to do all this while decreasing their own time and without having to bring in any new team members.

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