Branding Guide


Follow the brand guidelines for consistent brand communication.

The Timerack logo is designed to be simple, elegant, and uncomplicated. The nature of elements in the logo should not be modified or transformed in any way. The logo should not be stretched and should be resized proportionally so that is legible at all times.

Primary logo on the white surface.

Primary logo on the dark surface.


We love colors, but we can do without them.

The colored logo should be used predominantly. If there is no technical possibility or if it is not in accordance with the concept of use, our logo is recognizable and works safely in one color as well.

Use dark blue for the type and also for the dots.
Use 100% white for the type and also for the dots.

The icon

A simplified version of the logo.

Considering all the different places where our company should place the logo, it is impossible to use the same, original version for each application. In these cases, we use a simplified variation of the logo which still remaining consistent enough with the original Timerack logo.

Minimum size

Make sure you follow the minimum size guidelines.

Establishing a minimum size ensures that the impact and legibilit of the Timerack logo is not compromised in application.

The Timerack logo should never be smaller than 72px in digital and 1 inch in print.
The Timerack icon should never be smaller than 18px in digital and 0.25 inch in print.


Always maintain the required clear space around the logo.

The blue area indicates clear space. It must be kept free of all other graphical and visual elements. The clear space should be maintained as the logo is proportionally enlarged or reduced in size.

The minimum required clear space is defined by the measurement “X” which is equal to the height of the “e” in the wordmark…


A few rules are necessary for maintaining the integrity of the brand. Here are a few examples of some ways you should never ever consider using the logo.

  • Don’t rotate the logo.
  • Don’t squash or stretch.
  • Don’t place elements in the logo clear space.
  • Don’t resize any part.
  • Don’t rearrange parts or create compositions that are not already provided.
  • Don’t add unofficial graphics to the logo.
  • Don’t use off-brand colors. Reference the Color Usage section.
  • Don’t add drop-shadows or other text styles.

Looking for our logo?

Download a zipped file with our logo in EPS, AI, SVG, JPG, PNG and PDF formats.