Timerack TR1000 Kiosk Time Clock Now Available

By Timerack

October 13, 2017

With the Timerack TR1000 Kiosk, Your Employees Will Be on the Clock in Seconds with the Greatest Accuracy Available

If you’re looking for a simple, intuitive time clock solution for field employees that prevents an array of employee time tracking abuses, the Timerack TR1000 Kiosk is for you.

Touchscreen Time Clock

The TR1000 Kiosk is a 10.1″ Android tablet that runs the Timerack time and attendance solution. Your employees quickly login via a PIN and clock in/out with a picture – no complicated usernames or passwords to forget.

Being a self-service interface, employees can also approve their time cards, submit requests for paid time off (PTO), review and submit employee documents via the Timerack HR Module, and receive communications from managers via the notice board.

Time Tracking Abuse Prevention

The Timerack TR1000 prevents the following employee time tracking abuses:

  • Buddy Punching: having other employees punch in/out for you when you’re not there
  • Lunch Punch: not clocking out for lunch so you are paid for the time, which can result in unearned overtime
  • Non-Schedule/Business Hours: punching in/out outside of the employees schedule and/or business hours

Request a Demo Today

See the Timerack TR1000 Kiosk for yourself. Contact us to request a demo and to identify how much overtime you’ll save today.



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