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By Timerack

August 10, 2016

There is a mobile application for everything these days, from banking to social media to healthcare. These programs enable people to access the most important elements of their life, without having to sign in via a desktop computer.

Major strides are being made to create mobile software for business purposes, including for tracking employee time and attendance. Time Rack offers employers its own digital application for this exact purpose. Let’s take a look at some of the benefits that come with this type of solution:

Time efficiency
Companies are always looking for ways to save time. Employers want their workers to utilize as much of their day productively as possible. This is difficult when employees are required to use a handwritten system for tracking or visit a specific location to clock in or out. By using a mobile application, people can perform the same action from any location. While this may worry human resources teams who are extremely cognizant of time stealing, false logins or buddy punching – where employees clock in or out for their colleagues – Time Rack’s software can geo-target the punch as well as take a picture of the person completing the task.

With mobile logins, HR leaders can also research, approve or reject time-off requests and more. As a result, the business can greatly improve its efficiency, while ensuring workers are maintaining proper practices.

Mobile applications allow employees to punch in or out from any location.

Complete customization
Every organization is different, with its own attendance policies and procedure. Therefore, one mobile application isn’t created to fit all of their individual needs. Companies need software that can be altered to include their specific rules and practices. Customization is a crucial element for success and to ensure businesses aren’t losing time or money with punch ins or outs. Time Rack’s mobile application can be designed to follow organizational guidelines, including daily start times, punch locations and much more.

Cost savings
As previously mentioned, time stealing has become an increasing concern for companies and their HR teams. Whether it’s purposeful – lying about number of hours worked – or accidental – making too many personal phone calls – businesses have to swallow the cost, according to the Houston Chronicle. Essentially, this practice results in people being paid for time they didn’t work. The more employees who complete action, the more money organizations stand to lose. Introducing mobile time and attendance software can help businesses save valuable funds in regards to this problem.

Time Rack’s application is able to track the amount of time people spend on a specific task or project and includes a lunch lockout so workers return from breaks in an efficient manner.

“Workers can send time-off requests and more from their mobile application.”

Improved flexibility
This advantage of a mobile time and attendance application should be a no brainer! Due to the software’s ability to be used anywhere and anytime, employers, HR teams and their workers all benefit. Employees can punch in or out from various locations – whether they’re working in the office or remotely – while also sending time-off requests for future vacations, sick days or other occasions. Not only can workers utilize this solution for their purposes, but so can company leaders who manage a variety of obligations. With added flexibility, all members of an organization will be more satisfied with their time and attendance options.

Easy integration
The majority of the time, businesses already have digital systems in place for monitoring and tracking employees’ work attendance. These solutions cost a fair amount of money so replacing them with a mobile application isn’t always a feasible option. Instead, company leaders need an online option that is easily integrated with existing software. Not only can Time Rack’s version be integrated with desktop systems, but it’s compatible with all versions of Android and Apple iPhones, enabling employees to work – and track their hours – on the go.

Mobile applications are all the rage these days, so why shouldn’t there be options for companies looking to manage their employees’ time and attendance? Time Rack offers employers a digital solution that provides flexibility, easy integration, time efficiency, cost savings, customization and much more. Implementing this app can increase worker productivity and satisfaction.



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