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By Timerack

September 9, 2020

You know you need help with time and attendance, but why go through the trouble of installing a system that requires additional training and ongoing support? Who has time for that?

No one does! But you don’t need to. The advantage of getting a time and attendance partner as reliable at providing training and support as with implementing the software you need is just one reason to consider using a time and attendance turnkey solution – here are seven more:

1. Get Payroll Right!

One of the most frustrating responsibilities for employers like you is tracking employee time efficiently and accurately. Today, that undertaking has been dramatically simplified with time and attendance software. This software reduces the amount of time needed to process payroll by providing automated time tracking that includes a record of whether employees are clocking in and out when they’re supposed to, and what location they’re doing it from.

2. Deployment Is a Dream!

Do you have internet connectivity or mobile access at your office or worksite? It’s that easy. Time and attendance can be deployed effortlessly by our implementation team through a web browser or mobile app. For sites that require physical time clocks, it’s as simple as providing the clock with power and internet – the clock is like ET: it phones home, so you don’t have to spend time configuring it.

3. Regulatory Compliance

Electronic records of employee time captured by time and attendance software enable you to provide evidence that employees were paid for all hours worked, and took all required breaks. Additionally, as part of a compliance audit, you will be in a better position to show you had the right type and number of employees on-site at the proper times.

4. ROEI: Return on Employee Investment

Employee engagement is a blend of job satisfaction, organizational commitment, job involvement, and sense of empowerment. Engaged employees identify with and are committed to the goals and core values of your organization. Time and Attendance software promotes engagement through transparency – with visibility into hours paid and accrued leave – and accessibility – with easy submission of leave requests through a web or mobile device.

5. Increased Equality

Nothing saps the motivation of a reliable and hardworking employee more than seeing other employees take long lunches, arrive late and leave early, with no penalty. This creates morale problems among your best employees and if left unaddressed, can create a costly and disruptive culture of employee time theft.

6. Tracking Projects and Task

How much did your last project cost you in labor hours? With time and attendance software, you can keep labor costs on track and get real time alerts when overtime and overages occur. Keeping your labor costs in check can often lead to recouping the cost of the software within a year or shorter.

7. Everyone Benefits

Time and attendance software designed to benefit both the employer and the employee is the most quickly embraced and easily adopted, which makes everyone’s work-life simpler and more productive. The sooner you decide to ditch the time cards and spreadsheets and make the leap to an automated solution, or upgrade an outdated system, the sooner you will start enjoying the time and cost savings of your new system.


Your people are your biggest asset, so take care of them with a time and attendance software that lets you get the most out of your investment. This ROEI helps you engage and empower your people – and boost your bottom line.

If you would like to hear more about how Timerack time and attendance software maximizes ROEI, contact us to request a customized demonstration of our unique technology.



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