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Top Tech Trends in the Staffing Industry in 2022

By Timerack

April 12, 2022

With more than 25,000 staffing agencies in the U.S. competing for clients and candidates, it is vital that your staffing agency can deliver the latest digital services and help your agency stand above the competition. 

The benefits of introducing technology to your staffing agency operations are quite clear:  Improved systems save you time and money. By automating time-consuming administrative tasks, you can eliminate data errors, boost efficiency, and free your team up to focus more on sourcing and matching talent. 

What’s more, the latest technology will allow you to attract the best talent and match them perfectly with the right client. This is of vital importance since staffing agencies report that their biggest concern in 2022 is talent shortages and candidate acquisition. 

According to research, more than two-thirds of hiring managers believe it’s important for their staffing agency to be using the latest technology for recruiting. Luckily, there is a wealth of advanced technology available to staffing agencies in 2022. Here, we’ll walk you through the most important ones. 

Time & Attendance (T&A) and Payroll Integrations 

Let’s face it, it’s extremely tedious and time consuming to copy paste data from your T&A system into your payroll system, what’s more it’s prone to errors and mistakes. Not only can this cost your business money, if a temp employee receives an incorrect payment, this can dramatically affect staff morale and negatively impact your business. 

That’s why cloud-based T&A and payroll integrations make the top of the list when it comes to growing tech trends in the staffing industry. 

The latest staffing technology offers simple integrations through the use of APIs that allow time and attendance platforms to seamlessly send data into payroll systems. By bringing these two vital processes together, your agency can process payments more rapidly and with more accuracy. Further, the system frees up time for your accounts department to focus on higher value tasks. 

Learn more about Timerack’s Payroll Integrations here. We provide “out the box” integrations with over a dozen of the most popular payroll systems.

Biometric Time and Attendance Terminals 

The labor-intensive task of tracking attendance is also being rapidly replaced with biometric technology. Biometrics can not only create a more efficient staff-tracking system, it can also help prevent time clock fraud. 

According to research, 75% of U.S. companies have fallen victim to, and lost money from,   “buddy punching” within their workforce. This means someone has clocked in or out for a colleague in order to conceal lateness or to cover up leaving shifts early. Biometric time and attendance systems eliminate this risk. 

The use of biometrics, like fingerprint authentication, retinal scans, or facial recognition, is not exactly new. However, digital advances are now helping companies better analyze this type of data. 

Biometric time clocks use biometric data to allow staff to clock in and out of shifts, reducing time fraud, minimizing queues at the clock-in machine, and saving time on manual data entry. What’s more, this system can help staff gain access from distributed locations, as well as minimize physical contact, providing increased safety and hygiene. 

There are, of course, strict laws when it comes to handling biometric data. However, this type of technology is rapidly being adopted across the country, and likely to rapidly streamline processes for staffing agencies going forward. 

Workflow Management Systems

Another technology trend leading the way this year is smarter workflow-management systems (WfMs). This is defined as the coordination of the tasks that your staffing agency must complete. Software can then be used to automate some of the workflow tasks, to make the lives of your HR team much easier. 

There are actually several platforms now available that can boost efficiency and provide real-time reporting on workflow systems including TimeRack. And, it’s a market that is expected to experience staggering growth in the next few years, with market predictions revealing a CAGR uptick of 30% over the next six years. 

The development of AI technology is also propelling the development of staffing-specific WfMs forward. For example, data analytics can now connect the best candidates with the right role thanks to advances in applicant tracking systems (ATS). Furthermore, such automated technology can schedule screenings and interviews and reply to emails. Chatbots can then help staff with any sort of account management tasks. 

Looking ahead…

Developing a pool of top candidates for your clients is so much more than having the right connections and a good brand presence. Cementing yourself among the top staffing agencies takes time, but you can make sure you have a solid base by introducing the right technology now. 

Staffing agency technology is rapidly evolving and so too are the abilities of agencies to connect clients with talent and deliver quality service.  

By incorporating an all-encompassing workflow management system and APIs that ensure integration among your platforms, you can ensure that your staff spend more time focusing on the important stuff like building bonds with candidates and clients.



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