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By Timerack

December 13, 2018

A Naval Research Laboratory scientist was looking for a way to track satellites when he began experimenting with the ideas that would eventually become the Global Positioning System (GPS).

According to the U.S. Defense Department Science blog, Navy physicist Roger Easton was trying to solve a “problem with synchronizing the timing of the tracking stations” when he came upon the idea of putting super-accurate clocks into multiple satellites. The result was a system that could also pinpoint the location of someone back on earth.

Today GPS technology is enabling the creation of driverless cars, tracking endangered species and entertaining millions of Pokémon addicts. At the same time, employers trying to keep track of an increasingly mobile workforce have come to appreciate the more mundane versatility of Easton’s development.

A Space-Based System for Tracking Earthlings

GPS technology allows employers to manage a workforce on the move, including construction workers who report for work at multiple job sites, hospitality workers who go where the party is, and landscapers and home health care specialists who clock in at one address after another.  Keeping up with a workforce on the go is a job for state-of-the-art time and attendance software that transforms a mobile phone into a time clock and relies on Easton’s satellite-tracking innovation to ensure that employees are where they need to be.

GPS tracking enables the feature known as “geofencing” which prevents workers from clocking in outside of a specific geographic range. Combined with features like camera-assisted identification,  GPS-powered functions create a system that combines convenience, security and cost controls. Employers don’t have to worry about policing for practices like “buddy punching” and employees don’t have to waste time with clunky procedures for documenting their hours.

Solutions for Your Mobile Workforce

At Timerack, we specialize in time and attendance solutions that keep up with the challenges of your modern workforce, no matter what your business model or where your employees put in their time. Our software provides real-time tracking and workforce management customized to your needs:

  • Android, iPhone and iPad iOS compatible software for mobile access
  • 24/7 cloud-based, password-protected clock-in, clock-out capability
  • Department, location or project-based time tracking
  • Real-time work tracking with GPS-enabled location verification
  • Auto-populated time tracking with camera-verified identification
  • Customizable features for reporting, budgeting and overtime control

We provide flexible, customized and secure time and attendance systems that work the way you need them to, backed by deep expertise, first-rate customer service and a network of sister companies that provide an even broader range of services, from payroll tax management to full-service payroll.  Contact us to learn more about time and attendance software that does what you need it to do, no matter where your business takes you.



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