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By Timerack

June 26, 2018

Finding the right time and attendance software for your company is no “one and done” process. With employee productivity, payroll, and time management on the line, it’s crucial to choose a software that is adaptable enough to meet all your needs.

Industry-leading time and attendance software should include features that can be tailored to handle the needs of any industry, whether it is healthcare’s complex compliance reporting requirements or the large temporary workforce and overtime needs of construction.

Customized Time and Attendance for Specific Needs

The healthcare field has struggled to streamline compliance reporting in fulfillment of the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Nursing home administrators are required to submit a quarterly Payroll Based Journal (PBJ), a time-intensive and demanding task.

Timerack IT Director Erick Reyes and the Timerack development team answered the call by developing a feature that consolidates accurate and compliant reports into a ready-to-upload form.  Now, administrators can simplify the reporting process by using PBJ-enabled time and attendance software, both improving reporting accuracy and lowering the risk of compliance penalties.

Recent Timerack Innovations

Multiple pay structures and remote workforces mean complicated accounting for large-staff construction companies. With new mobile applications for employee clock-ins, it can be difficult for companies to verify that workers aren’t taking advantage of the system by clocking in anywhere.

Geofencing, developed with input from our clients, and partners like Thomson Reuters, allows managers to set boundaries for logging into the time and attendance app through GPS tracking. This feature is now available for all Timerack clients and Thomson Reuters Accounting CS Payroll users.

Also, in November 2017, Timerack showcased a kiosk time clock system, a self-service portal that allows employers and employees to access time and attendance information from a tablet on-site, a huge draw for companies with large temporary staff.  Timerack’s newest update, a mobile-friendly user interface (UI) which aims to create a seamless user experience across phone, tablet, and PCs, is set to launch by the end of 2018.

At the Forefront of Time & Attendance Solutions

When they’re not creating solutions to meet unique client needs, Reyes and his development team work to stay at the forefront of innovation in time and attendance technology. Their expertise allows them to combine security and responsiveness into solutions that serve our clients’ needs. Thanks to Reyes and his team, Timerack’s time and attendance software is both flexible and customizable, able to accommodate any company’s unique needs.

For example, Timerack offers full development support – clients don’t need to run their own scripts.  Clients also benefit from custom reports and programming that can address needs that arise in “one-off” scenarios.

We’re committed to providing secure and responsive services with our industry-leading development team, and through a broad array of complementary services provided by sister companies Payroll Tax Management and SBS Payroll. Our range of services ensures that your company can access the best in payroll processing and HR software and solutions.

For more information, or to schedule a demo of TR365 time and attendance software, contact us at (951) 309-0500 or click on the link below.



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