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Candidate Staffing Sources for New Staffing Agencies

By Trevor Sheffield

January 3, 2023

Finding candidate staffing sources that will supply a consistent experience is a critical component to your business model.

You’ve started a brand-new staffing agency, but now you’re on to the next vital task: finding employees to match with the employers you work with! It’s likely some of your clients are using your services because they feel they’ve searched the whole applicant pool without finding anyone sufficiently skilled for the open job they need to fill. Often it’s up to you to discover new sources for staffing. Here’s a list of six places worth looking at as you plan your talent sourcing strategy.

Previous Applicants

Get to the final round of interviews, but still don’t like your options? Search records of who has applied to similar jobs within the company before. You can even look back on earlier interview rounds from the current job posting and find promising applicants there. In the time since they applied, it’s likely that potential candidates have been out gaining more experience in their chosen field and may be even more qualified now than they were before. Plus, this gives you an idea of workers who are already well-versed in your company’s particulars and share the same values you do.

Social Media for Candidate Staffing Sources?

While LinkedIn is the most common social media for job candidates, don’t overlook the importance of places like Twitter, Instagram, and even Facebook for potential employees. There are endless numbers of content creators who have grown audiences on social media using their qualifications; and even those who use platforms like these for nothing more than entertainment contribute something of value. Search for keywords relating to the open position you’re hoping to fill and look for your ideal candidate. You’re likely to find new options on social media platforms you haven’t tried yet.

In-person Career Events

The importance of in-person networking and career events can’t be discounted. While the internet is the fastest way to get things done in this day and age, not everyone is constantly online. Getting to know people in-person is often a great way to expand your pool of candidates, as these events often draw new crowds and can expose your recruiters to different skill sets. Don’t be afraid to attend local events in your area and pursue your options there.

Employee Referrals

If you don’t already have an employee referral program set up, consider adding one to your workplace. Interviewees referred by your current workers have a high chance of being exactly what you’re looking for. Plus, the personal connection within your organization can make candidates more motivated to excel when hired. Rewarding your employees for recommending candidates who end up being hired is a way to keep your workforce invested and show them you appreciate their active participation in growing the company.

Within Your Organization

Is there someone within your organization who deserves a promotion? What about an employee who has a lot of the skills you need, but could still use hands-on experience in a field where you’re opening a position? Failing to recognize your current workers as potential candidates is a mistake. Not only does it allow you to find talent you already know you work well with, it shows employees that you are invested in their career growth and are looking out for them.

Online Job Postings

Perhaps the most obvious source of candidates for positions you’re staffing is online job boards and postings. When you search places like LinkedIn and Indeed, don’t forget to try smaller job board sites as well. Often you’ll find new candidates there. 

Which of these options will you pursue as you work to staff positions through your new agency? Consider other creative places to look for job candidates as well.



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