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5 Best Staffing Agency Software Solutions For Recruiting and Staffing In 2022

By Timerack

August 30, 2021

Tech and software solutions are essential for the staffing industry. Without them, sourcing talent for jobs, managing candidates, and handling client relationships would be much more difficult. 

For example, more than two-thirds of hiring managers believe it’s important for their staffing agency to be using the latest technology for recruiting. 

Staffing agency software can bring myriad benefits to your recruitment or staffing organization, from saving time and money by automating time-consuming tasks to eliminating data errors, boosting efficiency through real-time reporting, and providing an easy-to-use interface that applicants and clients can both use from wherever they’re based. 

Thanks to cloud-based technology, which has grown increasingly sophisticated over the years, there is now a wide range of software solutions that staffing and recruitment agencies can’t live without these days. Keep reading to discover our picks of five of the best. 

1. Zoho Recruit 

When it comes to CRM for staffing companies, you can’t get much better than Zoho Recruit

Zoho is a cloud-based recruitment software and applicant tracking system that allows staffing industry workers to manage all hiring processes in one single platform. 

The platform integrates with third-party apps to source multiple job postings from different channels or customs careers pages. It also allows staffing agencies to track pre-screening assessments and manage resumes for workers they’re looking to take on. 

When it comes to hiring, Zoho helps staffing agencies schedule interviews, hand out offers, screen employee backgrounds, and sign e-documents during the onboarding process. And at the end of the cycle, staffing and recruitment agencies can use Zoho to analyse reports of the hiring process, the pipeline, and design KPIs for the recruitment process. 

Ultimately, Zoho is all about streamlining the hiring process to managing multiple functions in one platform.

2. Oorwin

Oorwin is one of the best-automated staffing tools, using integrated AI technology to increase client revenue, boost recruitment, and improve the efficiency of staffing companies. 

It offers integrated CRM, an applicant tracking system (ATS) to recruit candidates quickly, and automated human resource management (HRM) that staffing agencies can use to manage expenses, assignments, and documents. 

Oorwin’s AI-powered search algorithms help staffing agencies find the best candidates for the job. The platform also allows you to design custom workflows that can help streamline recruitment as a whole.

Another of Oorwin’s benefits is that it also offers a sales platform that helps staffing agencies monitor all client-related campaigns and insights in one place. 

3. Akken Cloud

Another great example of software for the staffing industry is the comprehensive, cloud-based platform Akken Cloud.

This software offers a range of “Front Office,” “Middle Office,” and “Back Office” products which helps staffing and recruiting agencies to increase profitability, efficiency, and range of placements. 

The front-facing side of the business is geared towards inbound talent marketing, applicant tracking, onboarding, and it offers a unique tool named “Akkusearch,” a search function that enables agencies to search for qualified candidates quickly. 

The middle office offers a suite of products to help staffing agencies manage tasks, meetings, documents, and post internal announcements within the business itself.

The back office side offers a range of tools to help staffing agencies manage accounting and invoices, commissions, HR, employees, and payroll.

4. Manatal 

Another of the best examples of staffing agency software examples is the SaaS platform Manatal

This cloud-based recruitment software integrates with third-party, social media apps to source candidates and boosts job adverts.

Manatal’s easy-to-use ATS also simplifies the hiring process using tools such as pipelines, AI-driven recommendations, job portal integrations, customizable fields, and other hiring tools. 

And throughout the entire recruitment process, Manatal tracks the most important metrics and KPIs to design custom reporting and analytics tools, which help staffing agencies improve their overall efficiency. 

Best of all, Manatal’s smart platform comes in the form of a mobile app which makes the technology accessible remotely from any phone, computer, or tablet.

5. Timerack

Last but not least, we couldn’t finish our list of recommendations for staffing agency software without mentioning our own services here at Timerack

As dedicated specialists in serving the needs of today’s staffing and recruitment agencies, we provide an all-in-one solution that allows our customers to manage time and attendance tracking, payroll integration, client invoicing, and other HR features such as recruitment, applicant tracking, and onboarding.

Our time and attendance software include biometric time clocks, a geofencing-powered mobile app, and more. It also provides features such as detailed analytics and real-time reporting to help staffing agencies save time and therefore money.

We also offer an automated payroll system that allows staffing agencies to bridge the gap between timesheets and payroll, syncing all employee working hour data automatically so that it doesn’t have to be processed multiple times. 

Finally, our invoicing software allows staffing agencies to manage bill rates and markups in one single dashboard, in order to automatically generate invoices and send them to clients.

Want to learn more about how Timerack can help your staffing agency? Get in touch today to book a free demo

Wrapping Up

So there you have it. Our top five staffing agency software recommendations for 2021. As you can see, the aim of most all-in-one solutions is to streamline all processes and bring all data into one place so that it is easier to manage.

The best staffing agency software solutions save time, labor, and therefore money, by ironing out the inefficiencies in the process and ensuring client relationships run smoothly. 



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