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By Timerack

April 5, 2019

Another recent drop in unemployment has some employers rethinking their hiring practices and looking for an edge in an increasingly competitive job market.

Fewer job seekers than jobs means the labor pool isn’t just shrinking, it’s getting choosier.  Hiring specialists say employees are harder to find and less committed to staying once you land them. Keeping the grass greener on your side of the fence means keeping your hiring practices up to date in every sense of the term.

Staffing Industry Squeezed Between Demand and Supply

But for staffing companies, a shrinking pool of skilled temporary labor means more than just ramping up their hiring processes; it poses the real threat of impacting their ability to fill job orders. While a smaller labor pool has more companies looking to staffing companies to help build out their workforce, staffing companies are hiring out of the same labor pool.

It’s a situation that calls for more than just creative gestures. Ping pong tables and dogs in the office aren’t really an option for the staffing industry, which supplies the labor, not the amenities. Even higher wages are not necessarily going to fill the slots when there are more jobs than job seekers. An efficient hiring process is more than just a time saver for the staffing industry; their business depends on it.

Now, more than ever, a little extra streamlining can go a long way.

Building a Better Pipeline

Digital tools are the bridge that allows staffing companies to reap the advantages of the demand for labor without getting caught short by the same forces that are driving it.

It starts with automated recruiting and applicant tracking software that leverages the reach of more than a dozen job boards with the press of a button, creating and streamlining a pipeline of candidates year-round.

It includes customized time and attendance software with built in mark-up calculations and reporting capability that take the work out of invoicing and let you track time by client and by department. Integrated HR functions put a full suite of additional applications at your fingertips, from benefits administration to workers’ compensation management to help with workplace compliance issues. An automated system for tracking certifications,  training documents and other requirements alerts you to approaching deadlines.

Get the Edge You Need with Applicant Tracking, Time and Attendance and HR Automation

You’ve got staffing challenges. Timerack has solutions. To learn more about the full range of software and services that we provide, including the integrated services of our partner JazzHR, call us or click on the link below. Our clients have access to additional solutions through our sister companies Payroll Tax Management and SBS Payroll.



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