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Intellipunch: the Time & Attendance Solution Designed for Staffing Agencies 

By Timerack

June 14, 2022

Onboarding new employees can be a struggle. The issue is only compounded for staffing agencies, who have a constant flow of new employees in and out the door. Getting them all oriented and trained takes time.

Moreover, the average cost of on-boarding a new employee is around $1,200, and employers spend an average of 33 hours training each new recruit. The whole process is costly and inefficient, and in desperate need of a revamp. 

Luckily, our smart IntellipunchTM solution is here to help. Intellipunch eliminates the need for employers to train new employees on how to clock-in and clock-out, a substantial component of onboarding. Instead, the AI-powered Intellipunch takes care of that training for you.  

The Intellipunch system guides new employees through the time-punch process, reducing your onboarding costs. The service can be used with a smart kiosk, laptop, or mobile application, so your employees can clock-in and clock-out from anywhere, at any time. 

How it works

On their first day on the job, employees are assigned a unique four-digit PIN to enter into the system. After employees enter the PIN, Intellipunch guides them through the punch process. 

Whether employees are punching in via their phones or physical company infrastructure, Intellipunch streamlines the process, making everyone’s lives easier. Intellipunch uses an artificial intelligence/machine learning approach to gather data and improve the process as it goes, getting better with every punch. 

What’s more, Intellipunch can also be used to eliminate “buddy punching” and other timesheet fraud. Over 16% of U.S. employees have admitted to punching in for a coworker who isn’t actually there, and companies lose over $350 million annually to buddy punching. Intellipunch uses a unique facial recognition system to ensure the employee’s face matches the unique PIN number. 

The system can also integrate geofencing, which determines the real-time location of an employee, and issues alerts when employees travel outside of a certain perimeter while they’re on the clock. So, with verifiable info on hand about hours and location, you can say goodbye to contentious wage disputes. 

Why Intellipunch™

With more than 25,000 staffing agencies in the U.S., it’s hard to get a competitive edge. With Intellipunch, you can reduce time wasted on cumbersome, repetitive tasks, so you have more time to focus on what really matters: managing assignments and satisfying clients. 

Furthermore, by automating the time-keeping aspect of the onboarding process, you can ensure every employee receives the same training, standardizing the whole procedure, and ensuring every employee is on the same page. 

By streamlining onboarding and eliminating repetitive processes, Intellipunch enhances the employee experience, all while saving you time and money.



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