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4 Tips for Enhancing Worker Experience in 2023

By Trevor Sheffield

March 16, 2023

Enhancing worker experience for your existing employees is critical for success. Finding great employees to fill your open positions is vital—but have you considered the equally, if not more, important job of keeping the amazing employees you already have happy and content in their positions? With high rates of turnaround in some industries, it can be difficult to feel like you aren’t just constantly on the lookout for new hires. However, it’s worth taking a step back to inventory the work environment your current employees have and see where you can be enhancing worker experience for them. This can help motivate them to stay for longer periods of time and reduce your need to hire frequently.

Create an inclusive company culture for those in office and remote

Company culture is more than a ping pong table in the break room or cupboards stocked with snacks every week. Your company culture determines whether or not they get to speak and contribute with their own knowledge. A good and inclusive company culture is also marked by everyone having a vested interest in their coworkers outside of the workplace. Allow team members chances to share about their hobbies, their families and pets, and what they enjoy doing when they’re not working. Additionally, keep in mind that if your whole team is not in the office, keeping a happy company culture is an absolute necessity. It’s easy to feel isolated and lonely if you don’t see your coworkers regularly. 

Enhancing worker experience includes giving every employee their voice

Each employee should be allowed the chance to contribute their thoughts to every project they’re a part of, even if they’re commenting on something that is not their expertise. By allowing a free flow of ideas and treating every person like they matter, you’re giving courage to those who may be hesitant to take the lead when projects come their way. 

This practice also shows that you care for every employee equally and can discourage the idea that everyone is stuck in their roles. It also helps employees want to stay at their company for longer, reducing first-year turnover rate significantly. You might also be surprised to learn where some of the best ideas come from. It often takes a new set of eyes to see the flaws in a plan or offer a suggestion others wouldn’t have thought of.

Make work meaningful

Take the time to celebrate everyone you work with and show them gratitude. It’s valuable to give out compliments in excess and help every employee feel like the job only runs smoothly because of their help. Whether you take time during staff meetings to highlight the good things you’ve noticed in the past week or you simply offer compliments and gratitude to every person throughout the week, it’s a chance to show everyone they are valued. 

You can also use data analytics to show how your work comes to life once it’s out of your hands and to emphasize its importance. To many, work feels like a place to come where you’ll leave with a paycheck and nothing more. Help it be something different instead. Allow your employees to see the difference they’re making as individuals.

Champion diversity, equity, and inclusion

Diversity, equity, and inclusion aren’t just buzzwords. They’re important factors in helping employees feel their differences are appreciated and celebrated. Keep in mind how different ideas and opinions have allowed innovation at workplaces. A new perspective is often the perfect thing to help motivate a team down on their luck or bring new excitement to your workplace. Having people from many different backgrounds is an ideal way to provide innovation opportunities and see everyone succeed.

Enhancing worker experience is completely necessary for businesses that want to avoid endless turnover. Additionally, it helps workers show their true selves and contribute more wholeheartedly to their work. For many, employment is merely an opportunity to earn a paycheck and nothing more. Go out of your way to show that it can be a meaningful experience for anyone who puts their whole effort into it. 

Consider these four suggestions and ask yourself how you can enhance the experience of your own employees. 



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