Most common questions.

Yes. We have a management section that allows you to view reports and export them as needed. Our cloud based time & attendance software and clock systems are very compatible.

Yes. Once the system spots a discrepancy in the punch, it sends out an email to the immediate manager of the particular employee.

Yes we can modify the time clock to accept your existing security badge to keep it simple for your employees.

Yes. We have a module called the web clock that allows you to turn a computer into a terminal to punch in and out. You can use time clocks for employees and other related management.

Yes. Timerack’s system can track paid time off (PTO) and provide accrual information on what benefits your employees are entitled to.

You can determine the hierarchy of access in your organization. Some managers can only access the employees they manage and others will be administrators depending on how your organization functions.

Not really. We offer completely web based Time & Attendance solutions. So it’s only a matter of getting your credentials set up and employees enrolled into the system. Our clocks are plug and play, so installation is pretty easy.

Yes. We support Chrome and Mozilla.

Our cloud based system has an HR module that can help you manage every type of HR information. It also is fully integrated with the time & attendance so changes made in one system are automatically updated in the other.

Timerack has has an employee portal that allows requests to be sent in over the internet. Managers can view the requests and approve, deny or partially approve all from the system.

Timerack has an integrated scheduling system that allows you to copy, change or view schedules all from within the system.

It is a simple process! Once all your time cards are ready, you click one button and export a file that gets scooped up by your payroll provider to process payroll. We easily integrate with all payroll systems.

We have a proactive system that alerts you prior to the occurrence of overtime so that you can react in time. We also have a lock out feature on certain time clocks that helps you control punches in and out of the system.

One to two weeks tops! The swiftness of implementation process depends on how quickly the clients answer our implementation questions.

If the timecard has not yet been extracted for Payroll, user can just un-approve the timecard and then go on to make the changes. If the timecard has been extracted for Payroll, then no changes can be made to it.

The employee date first needs to be setup in the HR system. The employee ID assigned to the new employee would be required to setup the employee in Timerack®. Next, if employee would be clocking using the badge reader, then it is required to assign him/her a badge. If biometric clock is to be used, then the employee should be setup on the clock. Once above steps have been taken care of, visit Employee Data under Main Menu. Provide all details about this employee in the system. Make sure that 'Active' flag is checked. It is mandatory to assign an employee to a 'Department'.

There are some alerts which would not allow timecard to be approved. For instance if there is any open time-pair in the system, then timecard can not be approved. Most other alerts like late departure, early arrival or employee getting some OT etc. are just for the sake of your information, and they do not stop user from approving the timecard.

We have a mobile app that allows workers to punch in through their smart phones. We also have a feature that can use the phone’s GPS locator to track where the punch took place.

System would calculate the payroll for all employees in the system, even if their timecard has not been approved. After the payroll has been run, supervisor can pull the old timecard and approve it. However, system would not allow user to make any changes to the timecard data, once it has been extracted by payroll.

Pull the employee's record from Employee Data screen. Uncheck the Active flag. Now system rejects any punches received for this employee from the clock and no more timecards are generated for an inactivated employee.

Missing the occasional time punch is not necessarily a dire issue... but it can be.

Missed punches lead to payroll errors, meaning your employees don't get paid correctly. What can you or your time and attendance system do about it?

A lot, if you have the right system.

Rolling with the Punches

Timerack's web-based time and attendance system helps you avoid missed punches with proactive alerts notifying you that a punch is missing so that management can manually correct it without delay.

Modifying existing time records sounds like a slippery slope, but Timerack provides peace of mind with our built-in security feature: change logs track any changes made to a time card and show you who made them.

As an added benefit, you can avoid overtime costs by scheduling a window that allows employees to clock in at a specific time according to their schedules. This lock-out feature is helpful if you have a large workforce to manage. Rounding rules apply as well, which are particularly important for California employers.

Time Punch Workflow

Timerack's standard time punch workflow is accomplished in three key steps:

Step One

  • Employee punches in to start their day with Timerack via our cloud-based system, mobile app or a physical time clock hardware
  • If you need to track additional information like locations, departments or job codes, TR365 allows an employee to select one of these options at the time of punch-in

Step Two

  • An employee clocks out, creating a time pair with their first punch
  • A supervisor doesn't need to edit a time card unless something is missing
  • If either a punch-in or punch-out is missing, a supervisor will be notified via an alert or on our at-a-glance dashboard and can remedy missing punches

Step Three

  • Employees and supervisors review and approve time cards once corrections have been made
  • Time cards are ready to submit to payroll

Missing an Entire Day of Punches Due to a Holiday?

Timerack's customizable holiday policy and time-off requests automatically populate employee time cards for both salaried and hourly employees without the need for separate tracking. Awesome!

Payroll extract SHOULD NOT be run till the pay period is over. It can be run 1-4 days after the payroll is over. Remember, not to run the payroll extract till supervisors have had an opportunity to review the timecards and provide their approval.

In order to see an employee's timecard, one needs to have access privileges to the department to which the employee in question belongs. Please check your security profile and contact your system administrator if required. After setup, a department head can see the timecards for all employees in that department and any of its sub departments.

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